Bow making

A master in designing and crafting bows for top-class violins, violas and cellos, my bows are all mounted in ebony and silver, or ebony and gold. Each bow is individually crafted, a product of my undivided attention from start to finish.
Since my beginnings in 1983, I select the finest woods to give an unparalleled sound to the bows I create. Each crafting detail is focused on the bow's melodious response, so that musicians may express their true emotional talent while playing their instrument.

Great French Bow Makers such as Dominique PECCATTE, Nicolas MAIRE, Pierre SIMON have inspired me. The harmonious curves I give to my bows are part of this French heritage, a heritage that has found its own style within the master bow making of today.

Discover the Arnaud Suard'bows:

Arnaud SUARD Violin bow Arnaud Suard

62 gEbony gold

Arnaud SUARD Violin bow Arnaud Suard

61 gGold ebony

Arnaud SUARD Viola bow Arnaud Suard

72 gViola bow Jacob Eury inspiration

Arnaud Suard Viola bow Arnaud Suard

72 gGold ebony

Arnaud SUARD bow Arnaud Suard

62 gViolin bow - Dominique Peccatte inspiration